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It started 11/13/2018 I plugged my DC to AC converter to my front plug instead of my back Because I was always worried about this issue happing. Anyways, I shorted out the plug.

I thought no big deal it should have popped the fuse and I'll just change out the fuse when I get home and never do this again. Well, Once I got home, I check the fuses and they were good. I asked my father who is a senior mechanic about this issue. He's comment was to check the fuses under the hood.

I did so and didn't find an issue. He suggested I had a faulty wiring harness. So I called into my Subaru. The west Houston Subaru and talked to them about this issue.

They suggested it might be the part and that I order it. Once the part came on 11/15/18 I told them I would be in on the 11/16/18. After arriving and waiting an hour. Roy told me the guy just changed the part and it didn't work.

most likely its a bad wire somewhere. Come back on Monday I'll get you loaner and I'll call you with the results. I said ok. dropped the car off on 11/19/18.

waited a week for them to even get to my car. So, I get a call on 11/26/18 around 4pm. So the wiring harness connecter is bad and the guy is trying to fix it. bad side it will be 17hundred to get a new wiring harness not including labor which will be a godless amount.

I asked wouldn't it be a faulty wiring harness since the amperage didn't go to the fuse. he told me its because the changer isn't made for that amperage load. So, I hanged up and called my father and told him. then I called my supervisor who use to be an electrician.

He comment was yeah, its a faulty wiring harness and I would call jag and get them involved for trying to charge you for a bad wiring harness.

This is why I'm writing you I would like to avoid a lawsuit about a wiring harness on. let alone claim that the wiring harness given to my car could have blown up or burned up the car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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